Our First Baby…

When my husband and I first moved in together we adopted a four-legged friend, out first baby, Guinness. Guinness is a Black Lab/Golden Retriever mix rescued from Georgia. He was so timid, I can remember our cat at the time cornering him in our kitchen. Luckily he’s come a long way since then. 

Everyone jokes that dogs are good practice for a family and in some ways they are. You have a responsibility, another life to care for. Is he fed? Has he gone to the bathroom? We need a babysitter so we can go on vacation! You also have to train your dog, kind of like a baby, and if your dog is like mine you are tending to him even at 4AM. I can remember one very real episode of diarrhea that our Guinness had as a puppy. It was about 3AM and my husband being the saint he is took care of the dog all on his own. (I have since made up for this memorable night with frequent baby tending.)

Guinness was about 5years old when we decided he needed a friend. This led us to purchasing out next baby Jemma. Yet again, another dog. Practice makes perfect right? For this pup we decided on a smaller Yorkie/Poodle mix, also known as a Yorkie-Poo or as my husband prefers a “Yoodle”.   


She, I assume, like siblings is easier then Guinness in some way and in other ways harder. She’s a different dog, so obviously she’s different. I assume, like I will when the next child comes along, learned how to juggle two dogs. It was easier in some ways (they entertain each other, Jemma follows lots of Guinness’s cues) and harder in almost every other. 

Then two years later we had our first human baby and she has rocked not only our world but our puppies world’s as well.  I was worried how they would react but so far so good. The night I went into labor my parents took them to their house and we kept them there for about 5days after baby came home. We introduced baby scent bringing over her hats and blankets. We even visited the dogs with baby at my parents. They were interested in her but more happy to see us. 
They don’t cry when baby cries, instead they run for cover and I respect that. Jemma is little and I use to pick her up and carry her around all the time but as soon as I found out I was pregnant I stopped that. We also started recrating Jemma because anytime you wake her up at night she demands to go out. Guinness just sleeps in his bed, but we made a point to make all these changes well before baby came so there is hopefully no resentment. Jemma likes to sit in my lap under baby as I breastfeed and I let her. Baby likes to have her hand licked and is fascinated by the dogs activities.  

We try and let the dogs around baby as much and as safely as possible. I want them to love her and I want her to love them. I think the bigger she gets the more their relationship will be tested, only time will tell. Yet no matter what those puppies wil always be my first babies. 


What’s Going On?

Backstory: Last Saturday my husband was working late and I had the ingenious idea of using it as an opportunity to try and get baby into the crib. I was feeling pressure, mostly self-inflicted to get her into that crib. I feel like I’m sure many parents do, that I am constantly being tested in my parenting abilities, and if baby isn’t sleeping in her crib I am definitely failing at something , right?

So after a few hours of crying. Husband coming home and begging me to make it stop I gave in. The next night we tried to resume the normal routine (pre-crib attempt) and it wasn’t working like it normally did but I didn’t take too much notice. It was Super Bowl Sunday, we had people over and I’m sure baby girl could feel the excitement. She’s a Super Bowl baby afterall (next year she will make that commercial, go Pats!)  

So after a rough weekend I decided Monday come hell or high water we were doing the crib. She went “down” about 7:30 and by 10 Dad was pleading with me to make the crying stop. This went on Tuesday night as well. With no success I decided to resume the old routine in the cradle, but to my surprise that also is no longer working! What?!

I’m a little lost. Baby is rejecting the pacifier and basically sleeping on her own. We hold her til we are sure she is fast asleep (about and hour) put her down in her cradle, which I was sure she liked and BOOM, awake. This is wearing us thin and I’m 95% sure it’s some type of sleep regression, but seriously whenever I think things are slightly “under control”. A term I use very loosely, they blow-up.

I guess this is parenting. Until then I’ll take the snuggles because she’s just so cute! 


Before pregnancy I was an anxious person, I am an anxious person, and becoming a parent did not make that any easier. For some illogical reason I never thought my anxiety would invade my life as a parent. Why was I so naive?

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Breastfeeding Goal

Just a short post to say yay! Baby and I met the breastfeeding goal I set for us. I had no idea how breastfeeding would become a partnership. Through testing out different positions to adjusting scheduling to perfecting her latch, the list is endless. It’s a “we” process and I never knew that. To say the least I never expected so many hurdles in breastfeeding. I really just thought this should be easy, and surprise! It wasn’t. But from the beginning I set a goal of three months. I said no matter the struggle we would make it and we did! So from this point on anything further is just the icing on the cake. It’s truly a once in a lifetime experience and I’m so happy to have been supported enough to have done it.

Thanks husband! 

I will end my rambling now, but before I do Happy 3 Months baby girl! 

Naps, Sleep, and Mom Rest

I don’t know when is the last time I had a good night’s sleep. I’m not complaining and I’m sure a lot of people are there with me, but seriously. When I was pregnant I had to sleep. I was the living definition of exhausted and I think what my body was trying to do was store away all that sleep for later. Wrong. Sorry body it just doesn’t work that way and really that’s ok, it’s just another adjustment.

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Sickness & Baby

I have two younger brothers. As my youngest baby brother was born six and a half years after me there are only a few things I remember about his infancy, one being the time he became sick at two weeks old. I remember it for selfish reasons. I wanted my parents to be home with me and instead they were gone what felt like an eternity.  I didn’t understand the gravity of the situation naturally, but I do remember when my brother came home from the hospital there were markings all over his body from where the machines had been hooked up. From what I gather about the event my brother had contracted some type of infection. My mother is unsure if it was viral or bacterial but all I can be sure of was it was bad. Fastfoward to twenty-three years later and he’s a recent college graduate, starting his first full-time job, eek!

The moral of the story is babies do get sick and when they do it’s terrifying. I’m a nurse and when my little nugget developed the sniffles last week I was scared. What if this becomes pneumonia or croup? What if she had trouble eating? What if, what if, what if. I think the best thing and probably the only thing that can be done is to be prepared.

img_1344First off make sure you have some Baby Tylenol in the house. (I buy the generic brand and I find it to work all the same!) Continue reading “Sickness & Baby”

To Refuse or to Allow…

From the moment we decided to become parents it has felt that the list of decisions to be made has become endless. I think we can all agree that life is a composition of all the choices we make, whether they be impulsive or well thought out. Being able to choose is arguable what makes us individuals. Yet as infants we can’t choose so another person, preferable our loving parents, are responsible for making the “right calls”. So how, as the parents, do you know what the right choices are?! I don’t know about you, but I feel the pressure. I want to do the very best for my child, as I’m sure every parent does. Yet the choices make me feel like I am in the constant throws of the ultimate test, as if there are clear cut “right” and “wrong” answers.

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Never Would I Ever…

Before I became a parent, even while I was still pregnant, there was a litany of things I heard parents say or watched other parents do to which I would think or flat out say, I would never do that.

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Clogged Milk Ducts are the Pits, Literally

For Christmas my husband gave me a new electric toothbrush. I get intense plaque build up according to my dental hygienist who originally made the suggestion to make the switch. Luckily this purchase has really turned things around. Thanks dental hygienist! 

This was a good gift because I realized my old electric toothbrush was broken during my first clogged milk duct several weeks ago. In case you’re asking yourself what’s the connection between my electric toothbrush and a clogged milk duct I’ll explain. Upon experiencing my first clogged duct within the first few weeks of breastfeeding I read everything the internet had regarding remedies for the situation.

As seemingly with everything nowadays the internet offered several suggestions, one of which included the use of an electric toothbrush. The theory is that the toothbrush’s vibrations will break up the dried milk that’s clogging the duct. Therefore allowing milk to freely flow once again. Simply place the butt end of the toothbrush against the site of the clogged duct and viola.

Cool idea, right?

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